*PROJECT:ESTELLE s goal is to prove dreams are so much more than just pictures and imaginary experiences; sometimes they’re a way to express the deepest of emotions, the darkest secrets the person’s mind holds that not even they knew about.
Everyone can learn more about themselves through dreams, even about other people. The way people often interpret dreams is dull, but in reality, dreams are truly eye-opening and thrilling if you choose to experience them that way.

It can also come down to the level of lucidity. The path to becoming a lucid dreamer is quite a journey and it can take weeks, months, even years to reach that level of lucidity. Some people are naturally skilled and truly gifted from birth, but everyone can do it if they try hard enough.


In our dreams, when we are conscious enough, we are able to break free and control our consciousness and subconsciousness. After we do so, endless possibilities become the new reality, where things you always wished to do, come true.
This dream world, the dream reality, is referred to as PHANTASMAGORIA .
Every night, when we are asleep, we visit Phantasmagoria. Think of it as an astral plane. We can know we are in Phantasmagoria once we start dreaming, but consciously when we become lucid. Since dreams are more prone to appear in the REM phase, so is Phantasmagoria. Even though we can’t remember our dreams or anything from our sleep sometimes, we always visit Phantasmagoria.

The visitors that come to Phantasmagoria from the waking world (or us), are called THE REVERIES (or The Dreamers). In Phantasmagoria, everyone is free to do whatever they desire. There are no laws to live by, yet it isn’t an anarchy. The inhabitants of it, or rather, THE AWAKEN , help shape that reality. The Reveries move from the waking world to Phantasmagoria permanently once they pass away. Until then, they visit it every night to adjust to it. Once they get permanently moved, they become The Awaken. That being said, everybody moves into Phantasmagoria sooner or later.
After they get transfered to Phantasmagoria, their LEVEL OF LUCIDITY (or Level of Control) determines how much control they have in Phantasmagoria. the person’s commitment to dreams also determines their Level of Lucidity.
Another main goal of PROJECT:ESTELLE is just that; helping others follow their dreams more, so that they can too help control and improve Phantasmagoria.

In this ideology, heaven and hell don’t exist. Phantasmagoria is all in one, a paradise, a wonderland, all on its own. Of course, it being such a massive plane with a massive amount of residents in it, there are some unpleasant scenes and memories you may come across because of the big amount of negative emotions- thoughts and feelings those residents and visitors leave behind. This is all partly unachievable until your death, as it’s just your dream ‘till then which is created by your own mental images. That doesn’t mean you aren’t able to visit it globally (spiritually).

This whole ideology is called PHANTIANITY.


Phantasmagoria is held by leaders that stabilise it for generations. The leaders are titled HIGURE. I am the current HIGURE, and I will do everything I can to make this Project live on.